Putin Ponders How to Win Back His People’s Affections.

by Dr Alison Smith

As Russians take to the streets of Moscow for the second night in a row to protest the conduct of Sunday’s election, Putin ponders how to get his triumphant return to the presidency back on track.  Here are his top three cunning plans:

  1. Blame it on Medvedev: Putin is a fair-weather friend to the political party that he created, which is apparently now the brainchild of his hapless number two.  As Putin’s spokesman said today, “Dmitry Medvedev always associated himself with United Russia, and so he agreed to head its list in the elections.”
  2. Fire the cabinet:  According to Reuters,  Putin told members of United Russia (a party which, after all, he has little to do with) today that ‘there will be a significant renewal of personnel in the government.’
  3. Build a new liberal party: Vladislav Surkov, a senior Kremlin official, thinks that Russia needs a ‘popular new liberal party’.  Just as long as it’s not independent of the Kremlin.