Russian election: Medvedev hints at partial re-run as 30,000 prepare to protest

by Dr Alison Smith

The Russian President,Dmitry Medvedev, has raised the possibility that some voting stations in Russia may hold re-runs where electoral violations are proved.  His comments came as the Moscow government authorised a rally of up to 30,000 protestors to take place on Saturday.

The Kremlin is likely to resist any large scale re-running of elections.  However, Russia’s leaders may, if protests continue, make a very public show of repeating the vote in some specific areas where electoral violations have achieved notoriety through youtube.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin, in keeping with his usual good cop/bad cop division of labour with Medvedev, remained defiant, visiting the Central Election Commission today to lodge the paperwork for his presidential bid.  He accused the USA of fomenting dissent in Russia, arguing that, “they want to shake us up so we don’t forget who is boss on this planet.”